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Dive into Reddit’s untapped potential.
Find new leads, extract the data
and start meaningful conversations today!

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Reddit Marketing Made Easy
For You

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Find New Leads

Use Howitzer’s search filters to sift through the entire Reddit database and find your ideal prospects by:
• Keyword search
• /Subreddit search
• Positive/Negative Sentiment
• Upvote score
• During a specific time frame

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Create a Prospect List

Once you get the results from your search requirements, Howitzer creates a prospect list of your targeted Reddit users – ready to download!
The list includes all the data you need related to your prospect’s behaviour on Reddit so you can use it to craft highly personalized messages and kickstart conversations that convert!

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Personalize Your Messages

Get all the data you need to personalize your Reddit messages and enjoy an avg. of +40% reply rate.
*out of 100 messages sent using Howitzer prospect lists – tested from previous campaigns run by our clients and ourselves.

Reddit Marketing Done-for-You

Rely on our expertise to it for you!

01. Prospecting

We will find the ideal prospects on Reddit for your offer and create a high-quality list;

02. Starting Meaningful Conversations

Then we will reach out to all of them with a personalized message and kickstart meaningful conversations;

03. Delivering you warmed-up leads

Finally, we deliver you warm leads that are interested in your product or services in less than a month.

We believe in
sharing our expertise.

Our dedicated team of creatives is bursting with talent, experience, and passion for what we do, and we’re committed to delivering the very best for your brand.


Do it Yourself

Use Howitzer search filters to  find the people who are already talking about things related to your product or services and download the list of Redditors ready to hear you out!


Done for You

Focus your time and effort on doing what you do best = running your business, while we do what we do best to help you scale it faster. 😉