🌍 Howitzer's Story 🌍

Howitzer is a B2B company that develops top-notch marketing tools for startups & agencies.
Our primary focus is on the outreach segment, and we feel that our entrepreneurial purpose is to innovate in this segment and provide tools that enable startups and agencies to significantly improve their outbound results.

Everything started in 2021, when three students - Nikola Velkovski, Stefan Kotevski and Tomislav Jurukovski, saw a huge potential in utilizing Reddit as an outreach channel and managed to reach an average response rate of 41% through Reddit outreach, and managed to be responsible for 2% of all sent Reddit messages.

Since then, Howitzer raised a pre-seed investment of $500,000 from Day One Capital, became a #1 Product of the Day, grew to a team of 14 people, and launched a next-generation LinkedIn outreach tool, called HeyReach.io - specifically designed for agencies & teams.


🚀 HeyReach • Reinvention of the LinkedIn outreach 🚀

Howitzer's new product, called HeyReach.io, is the only agency-first LinkedIn outreach tool on the market, that for the first time - allows you to safely scale your LinkedIn outreach, truly indefinitely. The secret is staying within the LinkedIn limits and utilizing a completely new approach, called multi-account outreach, instead of maximizing the LinkedIn account's limits.

🔹 Multi-account outreach - connecting an unlimited number of LinkedIn accounts on a single campaign, and starting an unlimited number of LinkedIn campaigns at the same time.