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The first direct outreach tool for Reddit, that allows you to target your ideal customers on Reddit and send Reddit DMs and chats, at scale!

First-of-its-kind Reddit Marketing Tool

Reddit is fresh, unique and still not saturated growth channel, and Howitzer is the best way to successfully access it.
Some of the most active growth hackers out there already have Howitzer as part of their arsenal of tools.
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Kyrill Krystallis
Rohan Chaubey
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How to use Reddit as a marketing channel

Lemlist for Reddit, but on steroids

Imagine Howitzer like 'Lemlist for Reddit' kind of a tool, that besides personalized outreach through Reddit Direct Messages and Chat, allows you to find and target your leads on Reddit as well!

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40-45% response rate, in average

Reddit is untapped as a marketing channel, the redditors are not used to getting too many DMs and chats, so the response rate is huge!
Howitzer has superior response rate, compared to email outreach (3%) and LinkedIn outreach (10%).

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