Get your initial customers through Reddit.

Everyday 500M+ people on Reddit are talking about their pain points, asking for solutions, resources and product recommendations.
Someone out there is asking for your business too, they just don't know you exist yet!

Howitzer was launched using Howitzer

🌱 Interesting fact: We used our own tool to launch and grow our own tool!
Howitzer was launched by targeting and messaging people who were talking about 'reddit marketing' related keywords.
This initial growth hack sky-rocketed us to $2000 MRR in the first month, and helped us kick start everything.

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Validate your ideas through Reddit

🎖️ The golden rule is: Validate your ideas before you start building them!

Reddit, having 150K+ different niche communities - is the ideal place to find your target group in one place.

Beermoney got the first 2000+ users from Howitzer, in 14 days
Coach validated their idea, booked their first few demos, and landed their first pre-subscriber (Enterprise B2B)

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Steal your competitor's customers

Howitzer allows you to find and steal your competitors' unhappy customers, easily as a piece of pie!
When it comes to sharing pain points, asking for product alternatives and recommendations - Reddit is the first thing on the map!
• Using Howitzer's sentiment analysis, we found 55K+ people on Reddit who talked negative about RobinHood app in the last 6 months.

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Few words about us, from our customers

Sell your products on Reddit.

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