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Hey hey 👋,

First of all, we want to thank you for using Howitzer and trusting our team. In this not-so-short blog post, we want to inform you about some recent decisions we made internally about our vision and the future of the company.

🌌 Howitzer + Spremo–two new marketing tools?

Howitzer grew its team to 15 people, and we separated the whole crew into two teams, building two not-so-different products. As you may have seen in our previous email we’re building a LinkedIn automation tool, called Spremo.io. It’s a marketing tool that works like Howitzer, but for LinkedIn.

But why build a LinkedIn automation tool? Aren’t there 400+ similar tools out there?

Yep, we’re entering a red ocean, but we’re going to slay in that space! Having all of our experience automating Reddit, we started experimenting with LinkedIn. We found a way to go beyond the weekly LinkedIn limits, and send (theoretically) an unlimited number of connection requests. We explored the top 5 LinkedIn automation tools out there and extracted the significant features all of them have, and packed them into a Howitzer-like UX dashboard, building the most sophisticated (and yet really simple to use) LinkedIn automation tool. Our ETA for the launch of the first version is in about a month or so, and the team is actively working on it.

The other tool we are building is an advanced version of Howitzer.
Internally, we call it a ‘Hyper-targeted prospecting & platform outreach tool’. In practice, it’s a marketing automation tool that allows you to scrape the top-notch tech-savvy social platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Club House, Product Hunt, Indie Hackers, and more), build lists of potential customers (prospects), and reach out to them through chat, on the social platforms they are mostly active on.

The real magic here is that all of the potential customers in the list we extract, are enriched and matched with all of their social profiles, providing you with a ‘social profile’ for each prospect and making it easier to do the initial outreach.

Imagine it like Howitzer, but for all of the tech-savvy social platforms out there, where you have all of the info about each prospect you are messaging. Imagine being able to sell through chat, not only on Reddit but on all of the other social platforms as well, through hyper-personalized messages. This was our vision about Howitzer since the beginning, but we haven’t had the knowledge nor the manpower to do it until now. Our ETA for the launch is at the beginning of 2023.

⚙️ What’s gonna happen with Howitzer for Reddit?

Being focused on multiple things at once is the formula for not performing well at any of them.

We know that even if we are a bigger team now, we can not focus on everything. Some things need to be sacrificed, to reach your dreams. Our dream is to create the most powerful and easy-to-use marketing tool out there, that will help entrepreneurs and startups reach their product-market fit much faster.

Running Howitzer in this fashion (providing Reddit accounts, and handling the messaging for our users) is not stable as a ‘Perpetuum-mobile-like system’ and takes a lot of our time, especially for the dev team. We want our dev team to be 100% focused on building the new tools and features, as that’s more aligned with our vision-expanding Howitzer to all of the tech-savvy platforms, and building tools that help startups reach their product-market fit much faster.

That’s why we decided that Howitzer’s messaging feature won’t be available for further public use, in the current form it exists. Howitzer for Reddit, from today, will only provide the targeting users feature and list operations. You’ll be able to export 2000 hyper-targeted potential leads from Reddit per month, for just $49/month.

You can reach out to them manually, or engage with the posts/comments they were extracted from. This makes Howitzer for Reddit a lead-sourcing tool, that’s focused on finding and removing high-quality leads, and the part of our team that handles this product will be focused on improving this feature (as it will be integrated into our extended version of Howitzer).

Additionally, we’ll provide you with our Agency (Done-for-you) services, where our marketing team will generate high-quality leads for you, from Reddit. This way, part of our team will be focused on executing marketing campaigns only for Enterprise clients. In contrast, our product team is focused on launching the products we believe will be game changers in the marketing industry!

➡️ What’s next?

Starting today, you’ll be able to subscribe to Howitzer for Reddit plan for $49/month and start exporting 2000 potential leads per month, which you can manually message or engage with their posts/comments to promote your service/product. Also, feel free to reach out to our team of experts for lead generation services.

A full refund will be given to the users who subscribed in the last week or were not able to use Howitzer in the last month due to these changes, and all of the active subscribers will get a free month of the new version of Howitzer for Reddit as a thank you for believing in our team and product.

To apply for a refund, write to , we’ll check your activity and inform you if you are eligible for one.

Thank you for your support and trust!
To infinity and beyond 🚀,
The Howitzer Team