Using Howitzer for Idea Validation

Using Howitzer’s Basic plan (50 messages per day), the founders of Coach validated their idea, gained initial traction and managed to get 6 demo bookings for their product.

? The team validated the idea in just 2 days, and 109 messages

Getting pilot customers and initial feedback for your B2B product is not an easy feat. The founders of Coach – a gamified microlearning app for large companies, decided they want to test out Howitzer to land demo meetings with their potential users.

They managed to get 6 demos booked and chat with more than 30 relevant people about their product in 2 days.

? Their strategy?

They targeted training content creators (instructional designers) in multiple subreddits such as r/InstructionalDesign, r/eLearning, r/Training, r/CorporateTraining, r/AdultEducation that were already posting and commenting about the methodologies being used in Coach - microlearning, gamification, spaced repetition and so on.

As you can see, they approached in a not-so-salesly way and asked for feedback and opinion on their product. The CTA in this message is the question, and by our statistics, messages with a question are much more likely to get quality responses (and conversions).

Remember: Converting through conversation is much more efficient.

The targeted users already understood the benefits of these methodologies very well, so they did not require much convincing – most of them were eager to see new innovative tools since they were passionate about what they do.

Some of them even requested a link themselves:

Even though the main goal of the campaign was to book demo meetings, even a visit on our site brought value to us, since we’ve configured a Facebook Pixel that enables us to retarget the visitors or create lookalike audiences for Facebook ads later

Kalina, Co-founder of Coach

Of course, not all responses are going to be positive. You might have exchanges like this:

The most important thing is to keep the messages conversational and to try to adjust your approach according to the profile of the person you’re talking with. Try to have multiple messages that you continue the conversation with after the first, each catering to a different persona.

Also – don’t forget to follow up after a few days with people who’ve replied once, but then stopped. Sometimes people are busy at the moment and they forget, but still are interested.

Kalina, Co-founder of Coach

? Stats

• 109 user messages
• 32 users replied back
• 6 demos booked

➡️ 29% response rate
➡️ 5.5% conversion rate

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