How to write Reddit Marketing DMs that convert using Howitzer

Howitzer allows you to do Reddit marketing, by sending personalized Reddit DMs at scale. But the main question is how to write those messages? How to get that high response rate? How to close the deal without sounding like a spammer?

In this blog post, I’ll provide some tactics used by our most successful users that will help you write Reddit Messages that convert!

? Everything starts with targeting the right users

It doesn’t matter how good your message is if you’re messaging the wrong target group.
? Before you start messaging, make sure that your targeting is pitch-perfect!

? Keep the message short, and try to initiate a response

The first initial message should be there to initiate a response from the potential lead. You shouldn’t try to sell in the first message. Just write a quick “hook” that will make them interested and lead them to respond to the message.
? Remember, to make a sale you need initiative from both sides!

Example: Hi there! Saw your comment in r/[SUBREDDIT]. How was your experience with reddit ads?

?️ Convert through conversation

The best conversion results are seen in the third/fourth message.
First – initiate a conversation, then provide a value, and after that – convert much easily (Cold outreach 101).
? Never try to sell in the first message, unless you have a pretty good use case for it.

? Use personalization variables (but don’t overuse them)

We’ve seen a 60% higher response rate when personalization messages are used. Usually, I use [USERNAME-HUMANIZED] and [SUBREDDIT] variables most of the time.
However, try to not overuse the personalization variables, as it will look unnatural to the person you are messaging. Keep it neat, clean, and natural.
? Make sure you’re not using the usual messaging template we provide in the examples “Hey [USERNAME], I noticed you were talking about [KEYWORD] in r/[SUBREDDIT]…”, as it’s pretty overused by now.

? Never use emojis

Emojis in the Reddit DMs look extremely unnatural and 100% spammy.
Make sure you’re not using them.
? This doesn’t apply to emoticons.
PS: I use them sometimes 😉

? Never use link shorteners

Reddit doesn’t allow sending links that are shortened. Simply the messages are caught in their spam filters and they never arrive at the target. links nearly always mean “I’M SPAMMING”.

? Some messaging tactics from our community

1.Permission-based Reddit marketing

One of the members in our Discord community, Femto, started using ‘Permission-based marketing’ with Howitzer and reported that he got some amazing results with it.

I’ll just quote his explanation:

2. Approach them like a satisfied user of your product

This usually works pretty well if you are targeting people who are looking for an alternative to your product.
Let’s say you’re targeting all people who talked negatively about the RobinHood app or asked for an alternative to RobinHood.
One way of reaching out to them would be by suggesting your competitor app to them by presenting yourself as a satisfied customer.
Remember, don’t be too pushy in this approach.

3. Invite them to your own subreddit

We’ve seen some amazing conversion rates when you’re building your own Reddit community, and migrating your potential leads into it.
Read some more about this approach in this blog, especially in the blog posts about crypto/NFT.

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