How to successfully target your audience with Howitzer

Finding, mapping, and connecting with the target audience is one of our favorite challenges. As a team of developers, growth hackers, and marketers, we were dreaming about how to facilitate that process and utilize Reddit as a marketing channel. Therefore, we created Howitzer and its awesome features. In this blog, we will help you learn how to target your audience and share tips on connecting with them. 

Find your audience on Reddit with Howitzer

Targeting Redditors is 100% easier by using Howitzer as a SaaS tool. Yes, 100% it is. How so? We used Howitzer to promote Howitzer, by targeting audiences who are interested in Reddit marketing and would use the tool to promote their products/services on Reddit. We saw the results and got a more than 60%+ conversion rate. Taking into account our hands-on experience and expertise, we are sharing best practices for targeting your audiences and getting that conversion rate up.

Howitzer provides you with two different targeting features

  • Keyword targeting,
  • Whole subreddits targeting.

And four options to find your target audience:

  • Subreddit lookup,
  • Posted or commented on,
  • Specific time frame,
  • Positive/negative sentiment.

Keyword targeting

The keyword lookup allows you to find your Reddit users, who mentioned any specific keyword or phrase in their Reddit posts or comments. Targeting by keywords can be done in 3 different ways: 

  • contain at least one, 
  • contain all, 
  • and exclude keywords.

Let’s go through each of them and see how to utilize them.

FYI: Howitzer uses verbatim search. Meaning we use exact match criteria between the keyword you are looking for and the keyword found on Reddit. In other words, you will get users who posted or commented on the exact phrase or keyword you`ve entered. Always have in mind to differentiate [tool] and [tools], since these are two entirely different searches and the results will be different. 

Contain at least one (OR search)

The contain at least one (OR search) option provides an opportunity to expand your search and find a larger number of Redditors, who used similar keywords. This option will help you test multiple keywords with the selected subreddits. A piece of advice here: use up to 10 keywords per search that are synonyms as much as possible.
Ex. One of our clients had a platform for monetization of blogging efforts. This is how we used the OR search to target bloggers using similar keywords to join the platform and find another way to generate revenue from their blogs. We searched for [my blog] OR [my post] OR [my website].Contain at least on option

Contain all search (AND search)

The contain all search (AND search) option helps narrow down your search so that you can find more relevant users. In this case, you are looking for multiple keywords to be found in the same post or comment.
For example, we used this option for the same client and in the use case, we explained above. We were looking for people who have shared links from their personal blogs. Therefore, we searched for the keywords [my blog] AND [https://].

Exclude keywords

The exclude keywords option allows you to exclude Redditors who used specific keywords that are not matching your search criteria. 

Ex. if you are searching for people talking about [marketing tool] and don`t want to extract users who shared links because they might be posting promotional content, then exclude the keyword [https://]. This is just one way to exclude links, but it can be really any keyword or phrase.  

Subreddit lookup

Thousands of subreddits live and breathe on Reddit, each and everyone gathering people around a specific interest. The subreddit lookup option enables you to target users according to their interests. It will provide users who were active in a particular subreddit. Also, it will narrow down the search, creating a more relevant list of users. 

Before being 100% sure that the chosen subreddit is the right for you, it’s essential to do as much research about the most relevant subreddits. Also, use our free add-on to expand your search on similar subreddits from the suggested ones. Pay attention to their rules, look into their content, and topics they liked, and pay attention to the language they use. 

Posted or commented on option

This option will create a more relevant list of users, by selecting the type of engagement they had on a specific topic. There are three options: 

  • Find people in posts
  • Find people in the comments
  • or find people who posted and commented on a specific topic. 

It will help you distinguish their level of interest and engagement with the topic and create a specific audience list. When you are certain that the people you are targeting will post or comment on the topic, we encourage you to utilize this feature.

IRL, it would be like this: Let’s assume you like to find NFT promoters, you can use the keyword [whitelist] and look in all posts which contain the word whitelist. This can be useful because if you are looking for the same keyword in the comments as well, Howitzer will give you a larger audience. The list will contain not only promotors, but random commenters as well.

Specific time frame

Here, you get to choose how far in the past you want to go to see posts and comments that relate to that keyword. Howitzer offers the option of selecting from the most recent day, week, month, three months, six months, year, or even all-time on Reddit.

In general, we advise you to extract users that have mentioned that keyword more recently. But, in some cases where the intent of the users is not changeable for a longer period of time, we advise you to set the time frame to one year. 

Positive/negative sentiment

This option helps you learn more about users` experiences with certain products/services. You can generate a user list according to the tone they used. More precisely, learn whether users have discussed the topic of your interest in a positive, negative, or neutral manner. 

Ex. Suppose you have a product/service that is a competitor with some of the major brands in the industry, we suggest you search for people who have a negative sentiment about those particular brands. 

Be cautious though. Unless you have proof to support your hypothesis, we advise you to pick “all” to acquire a list of all the attitudes used, rather than choosing one option. 

Targeting whole subreddits

This targeting feature allows you to extract all members who have posted or commented in any subreddit, regardless of the keywords. Have in mind that you have to be sure that these are the right subreddits for your product/service and conduct your research before targeting them. Additionally, you can choose whether to target subreddits from the past 24 hours until their all-time existence. 

This targeting feature provides an option to select if you would like Howitzer to provide hints and support your research and targeting on any 3 subreddits.

Premium tip: There is another option that could provide you with people whose characteristics or interests are overlapping. Choose all active Redditors in the last year from r/marketing and save the list. Then, in a whole new subreddit search choose all active Redditors from r/startup and save that list, too. Both of the saved lists can be found in the User Lists section. Here you can use the intersect function to map Redditors who are active in both subreddits. 

Final thoughts 

Overall, targeting with Howitzer is effortless and is complete within a few minutes, but it requires a lot of Reddit research. The results provide great insights on how to start conversations with your audience and how to utilize those insights in the future. Plus, it provides an opportunity for exploring, searching, and learning daily updates about your audience. Howitzer can keep you up to date with your audience’s activities and preferences. 

Ready to find your audience on Reddit? Start the search here.  

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