How to successfully advertise on Reddit using Howitzer

Reddit is an untouched gold mine, an Entrepreneurs’ “Garden of Eden” ?.

There is a subreddit for nearly every niche, and there are 130,000+ subreddits out there.
But, Reddit’s crowd can be extremely tough when it comes to advertising or customer outreach.

Posting or commenting on self-promotion stuff in subreddits will get you banned in no time!

I’m a growth marketer and never in my entire career have I seen a 24% response rate in a single day from social media outreach!

Romaine Piper

So, that’s why Reddit stayed unutilized as a marketing and customer acquisition channel.

Until now…

With Howitzer — we managed to solve this problem, and for the first time, we utilized Reddit as a marketing channel.

The people come to Reddit to share and get value.

Every day, they are talking about their problems, their pain point, their interests out there on Reddit, ask for product recommendations, resources, courses, fun, and NSFW materials — basically, they seek value.

We found out, that if you manage to provide them with value, with a solution to their problem, with a resource, with a painkiller to their pain points — they are definitely open to receiving marketing messages.

This works excellent with 1-on-1 direct communication, and we manage to get a 41% average response rate.

Redditors are open to new and valuable things.
Someone out there is asking for your business, they just don’t know you exist yet!

John Doe

? How to find and target potential customers on Reddit using Howitzer

The key point is getting to know your target audience.
You need to know where they hang out (in which subreddits), and the keywords and ‘jargon’ they use in their everyday talk.

The ‘Targeting Users’ process is usually a trial-and-error at the beginning until you get to the point. At first, you may get fewer or not so relevant results, but as you get to know your target audience better, the results will become better and better.

We’re working on a Keywords Suggestion and Subreddits Suggestion feature, that will help you out with easily targeting your audience, even if you are not an everyday Reddit user.
The Keywords Suggestion feature will suggest similar keywords, based on the first keyword you’ve entered.

? Example:
If you entered ‘reddit marketing tool’, we’ll generate ‘reddit marketing’, ‘reddit automation’, ‘marketing tools for reddit’, etc.
This way, you’ll be able to combine all of these keywords with ‘contains at least one [OR search ]’ in Howitzer, and it will result in more results around the topic of ‘reddit marketing tool’.

The same thing applies to the Subreddit Suggestion feature — based on a subreddit, we’ll find other subreddits, similar to the first one:

We have this feature on our roadmap, so feel free to go and check it out there, alongside the other planned features:

We highly suggest using the Sentiment Analysis feature if you are building a competitor app, for example.
There are a lot of people who talk negative about your competitors out there. Imagine if you are able to access all of them, and offer your solution!

They are 55K+ people on Reddit, who talked negative about RobinHood application, in the last 6 months.

? How to successfully message people on Reddit

After you find your potential customers, you need to contact them.
With the ‘Message Automation’ feature, you don’t have to worry about anything — you just write your message, set up your campaign, and everything is handled by Howitzer on autopilot.

While writing the messages, you need to focus on actually providing a value for the customers, instead of just getting something out of them.
And this is the hardest part.

If someone you are messaging sees the message as a spam, he may report your Reddit account. If few people report your Reddit account, it may get suspended by Reddit, and we cannot do anything about it. That’s why you need to focus on targeting the right audience, and not writing a spammy messages to them. Spam is not supported by Howitzer and Reddit, and it will get your account in trouble.

Also, Reddit accounts are not like LinkedIn accounts for example, and they are easier to create and use for customer outreach using Howitzer.
If you don’t have Reddit accounts, or if you don’t want to risk your main accounts, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll set you up in no time!

?Best practices for Message Automation

  1. Try to not send a link in the first message
    I know it’s tempting to send the link in the first message and then measure the conversion and responses, but believe me — the conversion is far better if you initiate a simple conversation with the users, and get to know their pain points or opinion first.
    There are some use cases when it’s much easier to send a link or to mention the name of the website in the first message because it gives context.
    For example, when I was advertising Howitzer using Howitzer, I always sent a link in the first message, because I was targeting people who asked about this solution, and because I wanted to demonstrate the use case for it, directly in the message.
  2. Use Personalization Variables
    Using ‘Personalization Variables’ increases the response rate by 60%.
    This way, the users you are messaging won’t suspect that they are part of an automated process, and it will be much easier to get a quick intro to them.
    Hey [USERNAME], I noticed that you were talking about [MENTIONED_KEYWORD] in r/[SUBREDDIT]…
  3. Use catchy message subjects
    It’s like email. Use catchy, but relevant subjects to get a better open rate.
    Howitzer offers message personalization even in the message’s subject, which brings far better results.
  4. If you use links, don’t use link shorteners (i.e.
    Sending a shortened link (eg: may indicate malicious activity, and may raise concerns and red flags among the users you are messaging.
  5. Messages with questions get more responses
    Asking a question in the message will usually lead to more replies and more interested leads.
  6. Convert through conversations
    It’s much easier to convert through conversations. People on Reddit are open for discussion more than you think!
  7. Make sure your targeting is good
    If your targeting is not good, and you are targeting irrelevant users, the messaging results won’t be good either. So, make sure that you are targeting only your potential customers.

Here’s an amazing example from one of the best growth hackers out there, and international bestselling author - Rohan Chaubey’s marketing strategy:

As you can see, he’s using a message subject ‘Quick Question’. People are curious by nature, so this message definitely will make them click on it.
Also, he’s using a personalization variable for their username, and also for the mentioned keyword.
As you can see, he’s not directly selling in the first message. Instead, he’s initiating a conversation with the leads.

After he gets a reply from them, he’s giving more input into it, and at the end — he’s providing a link to his subreddit. He’s selling only after he concludes that this person is a good lead.

In the end — Rohan gets even more than converting the user to his subreddit. He even got a follower plus.
That’s the magic of using Howitzer the right way.

Here is another ‘Best Practices’ summarization by Rohan Chaubey himself, where he replies to one of our customers, in a Facebook conversation:

And his first impression of Howitzer:

150 150 Nikola