Growing a subreddit to 4000 users in less than a month

Few young entrepreneurs grew their own subreddit (r/liquiditymining) to 4000 users, in less than 20 days, using only Howitzer… At scale!

At the end of July, I met a group of ambitious entrepreneurs, determined to build a subreddit for liquidity mining, called r/liquiditymining. They found out about Howitzer through a growth marketer who uses Howitzer as part of his growth hacking tools arsenal, and were willing to give it a shot.

We had a quick meeting, discussed few details – and the guys decided to move as fast as possible, and start with 4000+ messages per day! ?

They purchased 12 Howitzer ‘Ultimate’ accounts (12 x 400 messages per day), set them up, and started advertising their newly created subreddit.

âš¡ They were growing faster than a speeding bullet!

Starting with up to 300 new users per day, they grew their whole subreddit to 4000 users, in less than 20 days.

? Their strategy?

They targeted all people from the most famous crypto subreddits (r/CryptoCurrency, r/CryptoMoonShots, r/QuickSwap, r/AutoFarmNetwork, …) that may be potentially interested in liquidity mining, yield farming and other smart words that I’m not familiar with. Managed to get around 50K users.

They sent a short message, where they explained why the user should join their subreddit. They provided value in their message.

In the message they clearly explained what kind of value the user can get by joining in their subreddit, and what he/she can expect out of it. Also, they used the personalization variables for the subreddit, and in some of the messages – for the username.

? The responses?

They got amazing responses!

Actually, the people that got messaged didn’t even notice that they are part of an automated process.

? What some other people said about the community-building aspect of Howitzer

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