Community Building using Reddit Automation at 21% conversion rate

Seems like one of Howitzer’s sweet niches is building/growing a community. The guys from Solveo (product launch company) had amazing results utilizing Howitzer for growing their subreddit for launching new products.

? The average conversion rate was an amazing 21%. Totally unseen with the other outreach channels!

Solveo is a strategic design and innovation consultancy. We work with driven/ambitious companies to create a more customer-centric approach to innovation. One of the services we specialize in is product launch.

Aleksandar, Solveo

Being a consulting agency that works with startups, Solveo purely focuses its marketing efforts on niche communities… And what’s a better place for finding those communities other than Reddit?!

After building their Slack community for the past year, they decided that they wanted to build their own subreddit for launching new products.

We signed up for the free version to test it out, and It showed potential, so we decided to give it a chance.
So we bought a premium account, and the results were fire! ?
From 2850 messages sent, we got a subreddit with 600 members, so the conversion rate varies between 18-and 22%.

Aleksandar, Solveo

? Their strategy?

They targeted 5 different subreddits about startups and entrepreneurship (r/startups, r/Entrepreneur, r/GrowthHacking, r/SaaS, r/sweatystartups), and the keywords they used were:

Messaging tip: Give them an incentive to respond. For example, in our case, we allowed the new members to introduce their project in the subreddit, which is a good enough reason for them to join.

Aleksandar, Solveo

I asked Aleksandar to send print screens with negative replies too, but as he said – he couldn’t find any 🙂

? Stats

• 2834 users messaged
• 595 users converted

➡️ 20.99% conversion rate

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