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🚀 Find new leads on Reddit

Target by keywords, subreddits, upvote score, positive/negative sentiment and much more!

💌 Message Automation

Send personalized Reddit messages to your potential leads, and kickstart some conversations that really convert

📥 Built-in Inbox

Reply to your leads, handle all of your conversations, tag conversations, filter by interested or not interested leads, and much much more!

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We send the messages for you, through our high-karma Reddit accounts.You handle the replies turning them into conversations that bring sales.

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Monitor Reddit in real time, and send Reddit messages each time someone mentions a specific keyword.

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Our clients, students, and partners have been asking for something like Howitzer since we started offering Reddit marketing services in 2014. Before Howitzer, the process was clumsy, expensive, and time consuming. Thanks to Howitzer, we can scale the highly personal interactions that have been monumentally successful for years.
With Howitzer, we can see the world in an entirely new light.
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Brian Swichkow
Forbes-featured, Reddit Marketing Expert
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Howitzer is based on direct outreach to a precisely targeted Reddit audience, by kickstarting some conversations through Reddit messages. Reddit Ads is the official way of advertising on Reddit, by specifying a copy and pushing it and allowing Reddit to push it in some specific subreddits.

The approach with sending targeted Reddit messages hasn’t been utilized so far, and that’s why it’s highly effective. As our customers has been informing us - Howitzer is much more effective than running Reddit Ads.

Howitzer supports automating Reddit Direct Messages and Reddit Chat.
The difference is that Reddit Direct Messages (known as ‘private messages’) is the old way of communication on Reddit, and they look and feel like an email inside of Reddit’s platform.
The Reddit chat is the new way of communicating on Reddit, and it supports real time communication, sending pictures, gifs and much more.

No. Howitzer sends the messages on your behalf, through our high-karma accounts, completely automatically. You don’t need to bother about connecting your own Reddit accounts, setting proxies or VPNs, installing additional software or extensions. We handle everything for you, completely in the background. You just sign in to our web app, and start targeting and messaging people.

Be a human. You cannot expect to sell through a single cold message sent to someone you don’t know.
You can sell by being a real person and engaging in a real conversation with your leads. Howitzer just automates the process of finding your potential leads on Reddit and kickstarting the conversations. You handle the communication, and convert your leads to customers through real conversations.
We have a written a blog post about the best practices in writing Reddit messages that convert.

Howitzer is a marketing tool founded by Nikola Velkovski, Stefan Kotevski and Tomislav Jurukovski. It’s built by a team of eleven highly motivated people with a huge vision.
Howitzer Inc., is a VC-backed startup that raised $500,000 investment, in a pre-seed round led by Day One Capital from Budapest. Howitzer is not an official feature of Reddit Inc., and we are not connected with Reddit Inc. in any way.

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